TFD15 Tech Field Day 15 – Ermahgerd i’m going!

What is Tech Field Day?

Let’s not re-invent the wheel, here is a direct excerpt from the Tech Field Day website;

Sounds good right? If like me you have been on the hunt for more information about emerging technology vendors or indeed established outfits, chances are you have come across some form of communications from the Tech Field Day guys and gals. There is a wealth of information on the Tech Field Day YouTube Channel covering all kinds of technology. The thing I find interesting about these events though is it is often delivered by the techies from the vendors. It’s not a sales pitch, it’s the nuts and bolts of how a product works, which for me is great. I like to find out about how a product works, where it fits and what problems it can solve.

So, how is little old me going to Tech Field Day?

Good question! I registered my interest in these events a while ago. Registering interest, however, does not guarantee a place. To be honest I forgot I had registered but I received a message from the man behind the Tech Field Day events, Stephen Foskett, asking if I would like to attend. Of course, I jumped at the chance, how could I turn down such an opportunity?

Let’s revisit the excerpt from the Tech Field Day website above. The event brings together IT product vendors and independent thought leaders to talk to bloggers, writers, podcasters or any other people with a social media engagement. Yes, I have a blog (you are reading it) and take to Twitter to discuss technology subjects that catch my interest. Maybe this is a good fit for the Tech Field Day event series? Regardless, I feel privileged to have been asked and am very grateful.

Whats occurring at Tech Field Day 15?

You can check out the agenda here, but I will highlight the vendors in attendance below.

We will hear from the above vendors over the course of 3 days. At this point, I don’t know what products will be discussed exactly but I am excited to find out.


I think I already mentioned I was excited to be going to TFD15 :). I do need to make a special mention though for the folks on my side who are making it possible for me to be able to attend this event. First up my wife who is more than understanding about me going to something like this. She will have the company of our 3 young children and dog whilst I am away though! Second, my employer, SITS Group who are kindly allowing me to attend the event. They understand the benefit to everyone involved in events like this.

Look out for more posts during and after TFD15.


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