VeeamON 2024 thoughts

The opener

You know, I would normally write these blog posts with a, hey this session looks cool, or can’t wait to see this or whatever. But this one is different. The overall theme of the session catalogue this year has changed direction in my mind and seems to be more focused on exec-type sessions. Not necessarily a bad thing, but for the techies out there, I’m not seeing any level 400 deep dive lets learn what every nerd knob does type of sessions.


We can break down what will be spoken about into the following categories.

  • Cyber resilience and recovery
  • Security
  • AI
  • Public Cloud
  • Veeam Data Cloud
  • And I would hazard a guess, the state of the hypervisor market.

All the buzzwords are checked off. Heck, I’m even co-presenting a session on Cyber Resilience.


As the data protection industry makes a shift to derive more value from the data being protected and pivot to wrap around security services, it is interesting to see where Veeam is heading. Do I think Veeam is a cybersecurity company? No. Do I think they play a part in a cyber resiliency plan? Absolutely. Trusted, verified, recoverable data is key and table stakes in today’s world of cybercrime and data sprawl. Veeam has its fingers in many pies, which enables it to be your data protection product of choice as part of a wider cyber resilience story.


Time will tell if the event is a success. If Veeam has managed to attract the right audience for the proposed agenda, I think it will work out great. Messaging from the top-down approach versus IT folks managing up could be exactly what Veeam is aiming to achieve as is continues to move upmarket and decisions are made by C-level execs on data protection policies rather than the IT guy in an SMB shop……. But wait did someone say ProxMox? 😉

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