Immutable backups with Veeam Agent for Windows and Object Storage


This one came about as I just built a new PC for the kids to do their homework on. I’m waiting for the inevitable “Daaaaad, the computer is broken” conversation! Rather than having to rebuild a PC, I can quickly restore it back to a point in time when it was working. I will leverage Veeam Agent for Windows and Object storage with object lock for this task.

What is required?

  • Veeam Agent for Windows
  • Veeam Agent for Windows Workstation license to allow for backup to object storage
  • Object storage
  • 5 minutes time to setup


I will assume you have installed and licensed Veeam Agent for Windows at this point.

Create a new backup job.

Screenshot 2024-05-19 170842

Name the job.

Select full computer backup.

Select object storage as destination type.

The object storage I am using for this example is S3 compatible.

From your object storage provider, you should have been given a service point, access and secret keys to connect.

Select the bucket and folder then define retention settings. Note to make backups immutable, object lock must be enabled on the target bucket. You can read more about object lock from AWS here.

Enable backup cache if the machine being backed up is likely to be offline for any period of time.

Define when you would like the job to run.

And done. Run the job now.

Let the job run, all good.


For those of you who have access to a Veeam Agent for Windows workstation license, this is an easy way to backup your PC, have a copy o data offsite and make it immutable so it can not be easily deleted. Simple but robust backup system.

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