Connecting Oracle Ravello applications with VeeamPN and Elastic IP’s   Recently updated !

Background. If you are not familiar with the concept of an application in Ravello, it is a grouping of virtual machines that run in a defined region (notice I avoided saying container there, could become even more confusing). A region is a geographic location where there are compute resources available. Pretty […]

Fix: Veeam Failed to check whether snapshot is in progress (network mode). The RPC server is unavailable. Code 1722 1

Background Whilst migrating some service roles from Windows server 2008 R2 to Server 2016 I noticed that the Veeam backups of the new servers were failing with the error Failed to check whether snapshot is in progress (network mode). RPC function failed. Function name [IsSnapshotInProgress] Target Machine [MachineName] RPC error. The […]

Migrate partitions with Veeam Agent for Windows 1

Background A recent project I was working on involved deploying five physical servers for use and Veeam repository servers. The problem however is the operating system was pre-instaled on a different RAID set to the one I was expecting it to be on. I could have rebuilt the servers, but […]