Synology Active Insight – What is it?


One of the items that caught my interest in the release notes for DSM 7 was the introduction of the ability to connect to Synology Active Insight. Active Insight is a new online monitoring platform that is currently in Beta, which allows one to register one or more Synology NAS devices to allow monitoring and alert management from one central location.

Having worked for IT Managed Service Providers for several years, this particularly piqued my interest. It no longer means that a master version of DSM managing multiple other DSM instances is required for multi NAS management. Synology devices from discrete networks can all connect to a central Active Insight portal, a massive time saver in management overhead.

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Setup is really easy, you will need a Synology account for this to work but other than that it is a case of registering the NAS with Active Insight.

To do this, log into the NAS, open the control panel and browse to Synology Account. Once you have signed in, tick the box to enable Active Insight. As easy as that.


Exploring Active Insight

Head over to to log in.


Login in with your Synology account details.


And you are in. Any active alerts are displayed here, which I will cover in a little more detail.


If the option to upload performance metrics has been ticked on the NAS, then they will track here for up to one year. Great for troubleshooting historical events.


Storage trends can also be tracked. This is another great feature particularly if you need to monitor storage capacity and take action before storage is fully depleted.


Logins to Active Insight are also logged. Note the iOS login is from the Active Insight app on my phone. Another quick way to monitor and manage any events on the NAS.


Event Management

The event below that has been triggered also alerted me via e-mail and as a pop-up message in the iOS Active Insight app. The event can be marked as resolved or if the event is escalated to Synology support, the support ticket ID will be noted against the event. Another nice little feature if you are managing multiple NAS devices.


When I marked the event as resolved, I received an e-mail notifying me of the fact as well. What is nice about this is that I do not need to mess about with any mail server settings on the NAS its self as it is all taken care of at the Active Insight layer.



As I mentioned, Active Insight is in Beta at the moment, which allows for the monitoring of up to 50 devices. There is a notice within the Beta notes to state that the service may command a subscription fee once it is out of Beta but no indication as to what those costs may look like. Personally, I think if you are managing multiple Synology NAS devices and want to save time managing them disparately, the time saved using Active Insight would pay for its self.


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