Quick and Dirty – Settings to make ESXi 6.7 work on Oracle Ravello 6


This is something a couple of us had been working on in the background during the vSphere 6.7 Beta testing to try and make it run on Oracle Ravellos cloud, which has a free tier for vExperts. So I am not going to take all the credit, a big shout out to David Owen @vMackem from Oracle and Raff Poltronieri @RaffaPol who tested this first and confirmed it works.

What to do

I am not going to run through the ESXi install or anything like that, just simply what config changes need to be made to allow ESXi 6.7 to run on Ravello. There are lots of other great resources out there for deploying an ESXi VM on Ravello.

First, deploy a new Empty ESX VM


Now this is the important bit, change the settings to exactly as shown below

Advanced settings on VM


System properties on VM


And that’s it folks, happy ESXi 6.7ing



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