Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange – Beta invite code included!

After a couple of days now playing with the Beta of Veeam Explorer, all I can say is I’m thoroughly impressed with the product. It makes single mail item recovery a doddle. There were a couple of things which struck me for feasibility use case for the product.

The first being dependent on your Exchange mailbox deleted item retention period and your Veeam Exchange backup retention period. If the Veeam backup on disk is shorter than deleted item retention, then there may never be a need a need to use this.

The second being permissions. I was able to browse anyone’s mailbox with my administrator account from within the backup, which does not have access to these mailboxes in the Exchange organisation. That said though, you need to have appropriate permissions to be able to launch the Veeam backup in the first place, so this can be controlled at the backup recovery level.

As promised, here’s the link to Beta download: Have a play, make your own mind up. Enjoy!

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