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A company I was working with had a requirement to change the top-level domain of all of their public-facing presence from company.co.uk to company.com. This meant their website, Exchange e-mail and a few other bits. One of the services in the mix is an Office Online Server hooked into Exchange 2016. This is a single Office Online Server farm hooked into a single Exchange 2016 server. The following article will show you how I updated the Office Online Server URL and SSL certificate.

The Nitty Gritty

The existing OOS server was published both internally and externally on the same DNS name with oos.company.co.uk. I verified the existing configuration by running the following PowerShell command on the OOS server.

This showed the oos.company.co.uk details that were currently configured.

The first step is to import a new certificate for use with the new URL.


As you can see above I have a dedicated certificate for the now-defunct .co.uk domain and a wildcard certificate for the .com domain. Make sure you set a friendly name as this is used when assigning a certificate to OOS.

The next step is to run the following PowerShell command to update the URL and the certificate.

Note this procedure would work if you only need to import an updated certificate if the current one has expired as well.

Once complete, reboot the OOS server or restart IIS for the certificate to update correctly.

Now we need to move to the Exchange server to update the URL that OOS is published on.

Run the following command for the Exchange management console to verify what the current setup is.

Which will spit out something like this.


Now, the OOS service locator can be set in two ways, either at the organization level or per mailbox server level. Take a look here for some further reading on the topic.

To update the URL, run the following command from PowerShell.

This will update the URL and restart the WebAppPool for OWA for the new settings to take effect.

All being well, that should be it!




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