Monthly archives: May 2017

Runecast product review

Runecast – Software Defined Expertise – My take This is blurb statement on Runecasts website over at but what does that actually mean, what’s the message? Runecast is a virtual appliance that hooks into your vSphere environment which then inspects it for issues pertaining to best practice compliance, security hardening and […]

Veeam Remote Access – Not just for service providers…

Veeam introduced some cool new features for service providers in Veeam 9.5 update 2, namely the Remote Access for Veeam Backup and Replication Console and Remote Desktop. A full breakdown of these features can be found here . Now although this is geared towards service providers to be able to […]

How to explain Veeam Availability to your Granny 1

This is more of a joke from a conversation amongst the Veeam slack channels. How do you explain what Veeam is to some one who is not tech savvy? I came up with the following analogy:

So the above has the basic constructs for backup and replication. Replace pie with […]