Replace SSL certificates on VMware PSC v6.5

Today I will walk through replacing the SSL certificates on a vSphere 6.5 PSC appliance. This includes replacing the Machine Certificates, User Solution Certificates and the Trusted Root Certificates. This is the same process you will be familiar with from vSphere 6.0 U2 onwards certificate replacement. All certificates will be […]


Capture files outside of user profile with VMware UEM

This example will help you to capture the OpenCRM Outlook plugin user specific files using VMware UEM (User Environment Manager). This guide will allow you to capture user name and password details so they do not need to be re-entered into the Outlook plugin. further details can be found here […]


Azure AD Connect – How to configure for Office 365 password sync

I recently had to deploy ADFS as part of a roll out of Office 365 in a non persistent Horizon View VDI environment. Part of the setup process for this is to sync on premises active directory with Azure AD / Office 365. To achieve this Microsoft have recently replaced the […]


VMware UEM 9.1 – How to capture Windows Credential Manager

This is a quick work around that can be used for POC of office 365 in a none persistent VDI environment. Office 365 stores its login credentials in the Windows Credential Manager. I believe this will allow automatic authentication for 180 days (TBC) before having to enter credentials again. UEM can capture […]

Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange – Beta invite code included!

After a couple of days now playing with the Beta of Veeam Explorer, all I can say is I’m thoroughly impressed with the product. It makes single mail item recovery a doddle. There were a couple of things which struck me for feasibility use case for the product. The first […]